Our Work

Start at the beginning

Start at the beginning Design A pilot randomised controlled trial in primary care Aims The purpose of this pilot trial is to determine the feasibility and efficacy of a nutrition and lifestyle digital intervention in improving preconception nutrition in women planning a pregnancy. The pilot trial will also provide key data to design a definitive trial of a preconception Read More..

Pre-pregnancy in England

Pre-pregnancy in England Design We used critical appraisal and review techniques, and both quantitative and qualitative methods for empirical data collection and analysis. We reviewed over 4000 papers and 100 guidelines, analysed data from two large cohort studies, surveyed over 1000 antenatal women and over 500 of their partners, including a robust measure of pregnancy pl Read More..

Use of Folic Acid

Use of Folic Acid Study Overview This PhD study is looking at prevention of neural tube defects (NTD), severe congenital abnormalities caused by failed closure of the embryonic neural tube, within different ethnic communities in the UK. This involves calculating accurate NTD prevalence estimates and setting these estimates in context by exploring the NTD epidemiolog Read More..

Pregnancy Intention

Pregnancy Intention Design Cohort Study Aims The aim of this research is threefold: 1. To validate the London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy in Chichewa for use in the Mchinji district of Malawi. 2. To investigate the relationships between pregnancy intention and maternal and neonatal health outcomes in the Mchinji district of Malawi and assess the likely impact of me Read More..

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